Our Spiel

Low Brow  is my idea for a clothing brand. The designs are influenced by different art forms I enjoy, other clothing brands, things I find funny, or just random parts of life I find interesting. The idea behind starting the brand wasn't really to sell the most shirts of any brand ever or just mimic what's already out there, but rather to have an outlet to create, design, and produce something I can be proud of and hopefully connects with others around the world. 

The term "lowbrow" was originally coined by some 19th century science jabronis to classify people or forms of art as uncultured and stupid, but I always liked the term and wanted to use it in a positive way. Lowbrow can also mean simplistic, accessible, or unpretentious.  That is what the brand strives to be. 

The main goal of Low Brow  is simple; to provide quality apparel to quality people in an unpretentious, accessible fashion. If you are one of these quality people that happens to be reading this, thanks for being you and for coming by the Low Brow store. 

General Info:     

  • Low Brow is a small operation (pretty much just ya boy) working towards getting the brand and designs out into the world while continuously trying to improve the quality of the products. Even though this is a small operation, I take the business side seriously and value the customer experience. If you are willing to spend your time and/or money on my products, then it's my job to make sure you get what you expected in a professional and timely fashion. 
  • All products and designs featured on this website or our social media are available and will be made to order. 
  • Most orders will take 2 weeks to get to your doorstep from the day the order is placed, but there is no shipping fee so you don't gotta pay for the delay.
  • I tend print on either Anvil, American Apparel, Bella Canvas, or Next Level blank tees. If you have any brand preferences, please let me know and I will try to accommodate. 
  • If you contact me directly I will be happy to work with you on your order in terms of color, sizing, or whatever else you may have questions about. 
  • We love to hear from you, so please feel free to reach out or give feedback directly at any of the contact details below or through the contact page.

Contact Details                               

email: lowbrow@lowbrow.co

instagram: low__brow

Based out of  North Carolina, USA


*Disclaimer: All designs are made by me, so please don't be a jabroni and steal them*